Who we are

AMICI is a non-profit organisation that represents an interdisciplinary platform to support microbiome research in Austria

The AMICI steering committee consists of the president (Christoph Steininger) and the treasurer/vice-president (Patrizia Kump).
The steering committee is supported by the managing director (Alexander Loy).

The following Austrian scientific and medical societies are members of AMICI:

Download the AMICI articles of association (German)

How can I participate in AMICI?

Any official member of one of the participating Austrian scientific and medical societies is also allowed to participate in AMICI.

Participation is defined by active contribution to any of the aims and activities of AMICI.

For example...

  • If you are planning to organize a meeting or a public outreach activity on the microbiome we strongly encourage you to perform this under the patronage of AMICI.
  • You have invited a microbiome expert for a talk? Enable attendance of a wider audience and advertise the talk as AMICI Lecture!
  • If you are actively working in microbiome research and feel that AMICI can profit from your expertise, you could also become a member of our Board of Experts.

Please contact us and briefly describe your activity or expertise that is of benefit to Austrian microbiome research.