PhD position on the human respiratory tract microbiome at the Medical University of Graz

The group of Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Medical University of Graz is seeking a PhD student to work on “The role of the microbiome and archaeome in chronic rhinosinusitis and sinubronchial syndrome”. The position is initially for three years (fully funded incl. bench fee, 75% position) and embedded in the local PhD program RespImmun.

The project aims at understanding the gut-lung axis, and to decipher specifically the role of archaea therein. Metagenomics and metatranscriptomic sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics will be applied to correlate the function of the microbial community to clinical information from the patients. Functional assays will be performed in culture experiments as well as model systems.

Further details on the project can be found here (page 14). 

The student will be specifically trained in microbiome work including analysis of OMICS data via various bioinformatics tools, cultivation of (complicated) microorganisms and fluorescence in situ hybridization.

Application is open until the 9th of June 2021.

See here for the application procedure.