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Harnessing Bacteria for Drug Discovery: from Bioprospecting to Synthetic Biology

Article in Die Presse 'Die Welt in unserem Inneren' with Alexander Loy

Alexander Loy, University of Vienna, is featured in an article of the Austrian newspaper Die Presse (print version -

TV Documentary "Neues vom Darm" with Patrizia Kump

Patrizia Kump, Gastroenterologist at the Medical University of Graz and AMICI vice president is featured in the TV documentary "Neues vom Darm" of the Neuen Züricher Zeitung.

6th Symposium on Animal Gut Health - December 12th, 2016 - Vienna

See here(link is external) for the program and further information.

3rd Theodor Escherich Symposium on Medical Microbiome Research - November 3-4th, 2016 - Graz

See here for the program and further information.

AMICI press release [German] "Neues Forschungsnetzwerk für Mikrobiomforschung"

Mikroben und Viren haben weitreichenden Einfluss auf die Gesundheit von Mensch und Tier. Die neu gegründete "Austrian Microbiome Initiative" (AMICI) fördert die nationale Mikrobiomforschung und vernetzt MedizinerInnen und ForscherInnen verschiedenster Fachrichtungen zur Nutzung von Synergien.

AMICI webpage goes online

The AMICI webpage was created with Drupal and has a responsive design that adapts to your computer screen, tablet computer or smart phone.

A new initiative to foster microbiome research and education in Austria

Did you know that your body is home to a social-network of billions of microbial friends? And that most of these microbes are 'real' friends as they contribute to our health? Ongoing research is continuously revealing exciting news about the impact that our microbiota has on our well-being.