Change in the organizational structure of AMICI - Introducing the AMICI committee

The AMICI committee is now the main executive board of AMICI and replaces the previous steering committee with the classical president/vice-president structure. The AMICI committee members Alexander Loy (University of Vienna), Evelyne Selberherr (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna), Christine Moissl-Eichinger (Medical University of Graz), Alexander Moschen (Medical University of Innsbruck), and Franziska Roth-Walter (Medical University Vienna and Messerli Research Institute Vienna) have equal rights to represent AMICI.

The AMICI advisory board is constituted of the representatives of the Austrian scientific and medical societies that are participating in AMICI. 

We are thankful to past-president Christoph Steininger and past-vice-presidents Patrizia Kump and Christoph Högenauer for their service and contributions to AMICI!